Freeze your debts

Join many others in getting debt free with Debt Freeze, you may be eligible to write off up to 81%

don't struggle alone

When being in debt it can often seem like there is nowhere to turn or hard to explain your situation to others.


Get in touch with your details for us to arrange a call with you and a regulated debt advisor.

Get advice

The regulated debt advisor we put you in touch with will take in your full situation and make you aware of your rights when in debt, make you aware of all solutions and the pros/cons to help you make an informed decision on what to do next.


Your advisor will then collect documentation and get your solution in place

Make that positive step

When looking to gain financial control over your debts, a debt solution can offer various benefits

Freeze Charges

Freeze interest and charges with Debt Freeze

Stop Creditor Contact

It doesn't make things easier when being harassed by creditors

Stop Legal Action

Stop your creditors raising legal action such as earnings arrestments, Bailiffs, Sheriff Officers or court action

Debts we have helped with

Debt solutions can generally take in any unsecured debt such as Credit Cards, Loans, Overdrafts, Store Cards, Catalogues, Payday loans, HMRC Debts, DWP debts, Council Tax Arrears, Rent Arrears, Mortgage shortfalls, Hire Purchase shortfalls and much more!

Debt arrangement scheme

Sit back and relax

Once your solution is in place you can sit back and relax now you have financial control

Comfortable payments

Your advisor will have ensured your payments are affordable going forward

Don't be scared

You won't have to be scared to answer the phone, the door or open correspondence anymore

No surprises

You do not have to worry about any debt surprises and any issues your advisor will be there to guide you

We can arrange for you to speak with a regulated debt advisor

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